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Sri Late Manna Lal Bhartia (1900-1986), a pioneer and visionary who established his name by his generous contribution to the society and business. He was the Founder President (1949 & 1950) of Raniganj Chamber of Commerce (RCC). He has been the president of many other organizations such as Raniganj Municipality and schools like, Marwari Sanatan Vidyala and Basanti Devi Goenka Vidya Mandir (the first Hindi Medium Girls School ).

Commitment to Education

In our pursuit of giving back to the community, Sri Late Bhola Nath Bhartia, devoted his latter half of his life while successfully managing his business along with family, in the growth of this school and making it a highly recognized institution by CBSE board, and the Hony. Education Minister, for its work in its sector. We proudly supports the Gyan Bharti School in Raniganj. Established in 1962 and managed by the Bhartia Family through the Gyan Bharati Trust, this CBSE board, English medium school is a testament to our dedication to educational excellence.

Facilities and Infrastructure

The school caters to over 2200 students, providing them with top-notch facilities and infrastructure. Embracing modern education methods, we have equipped classrooms with smart boards and offer an online learning app to enhance the educational experience.

Holistic Development

Beyond academics, we believe in nurturing the overall personality of our students. The school offers a range of activities including sports, extracurricular activities, and yoga, ensuring a well-rounded development.

A Non-Profit Endeavor

As a non-profit organization, our focus at Gyan Bharti School is solely on the enrichment and empowerment of young minds. We strive to provide the best possible education and opportunities, laying a strong foundation for the leaders of tomorrow.

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